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South Africa

The W.W. Brown Daycare Center: We sponsor and support 2 full-time teachers at the National Baptist Day Care Center at the W.W. Brown Mission Church located in the SOWETO, Johannesburg, South Africa. This church provides the only daycare and pre-school for 75 disadvantaged children of families of immigrants in one of the largest slums of Johannesburg. In Addition to pre-school, the children are provided a solid Christian education, along with 2 meals a day, which is often the only meal they receive for the day.
Durban, South Africa The Bishop Michael Lee Graves Memorial Library: to be built in Durban, South Africa in partnership with the following organizations: The National Baptist Church of Southern Africa; The Temple Baptist Church of Nashville, TN; The St. John Baptist Church, Savannah, GA. Estimated cost to build $140,000. Groundbreaking will commence in August, 2021 with completion in July, 2022.
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